janelle monae is calling all earthlings
Posted by Paul Dateh


Singer Janelle Monae is from another planet. At least, that's what the biography on her site claims. And when you consider the music she puts forward, she very well could be.

Futuristic, soul, alternative, rock, punk, sci-fi. These are all things that come to mind when I first listened to Janelle Monae's music. Upon a second listening, even more keywords came to mind: musical theater, dirty south, funk, retro. Monae does a great job of making the "old" feel new again while at the same time making the "new" feel familiar and inviting.

Check out "Many Moons" (above), Monae's current music video that promotes her upcoming debut on Bad Boy Records. The video actually plays more like a musical short film (it runs just under seven minutes!), and showcases the many sides of Monae's style - both visually and musically.