tiki bar tv is the perfect prescription
Posted by Zadi Diaz

In the Spring of 2005, indie filmmaker and Vancouver native, Jeff Macpherson, got together with some friends and decided to take his creative career into his own hands. Along with Kevin Gamble (Johnny Johnny) and Lara Doucette (Lala), Jeff built a swank tiki bar in his Canadian apartment and created Tiki Bar TV, a fictional webseries about a doctor (Dr. Tiki) who prescribes medicine for the ailments which surface in each episode.

Now three years later and with producer Tosca Muck at hand, Tiki Bar TV is considered a pioneer and leader in the independent webseries world. They've managed to build a loyal following and a brand that has branched out to include community and merchandising.

With forty episodes under their belt, they're now kicking off a DVD release party on December 4th in Los Angeles for season three and four of their show. And if you can't make it to the party, you can still support the show by ordering your own copy online.

Shows like Tiki Bar TV is an ever present reminder that independent shows still have the possibility of thriving in today's online world. As long as they are around, we should support.