tzu is hip hop from down under
Posted by Zadi Diaz

TZU is hip-hop with a rock aesthetic. Straight out of Melbourne, these guys don't shy away from using instruments like guitars, drums and keyboards in their live performances. Their most recent album, Computer Love, takes their sound to the next level as they experiment with funk, soul and electronica.

Formed in 1999, TZU is made up of:
Joelistics AKA Joel Ma (vocals, guitar, bass)
Seed MC AKA Countbounce AKA Phillip Norman (vocals, guitar, bass)
Paso Bionic AKA Shahab Tariq (turntables)
Yeroc AKA Corey McGregor (drums, samplers)
Duzy What AKA Dustin (keys)

We featured TZU's Dambusters in the November 11th episode of EPIC FU. Even though the song we featured on the show is not their most recent song it's a damn good one, and the video was shot inside Melbourne's infamous 'Empty Show' squat art galleries.

I'm also loving their sense of humor. You know there's something special about a group when they reference a retro-futuristic conversation they had with Michael J. Fox... as in the one below, straight from their MySpace page:

In the last days of 2006 Joelistics , Count Bounce , Paso Bionics and Yerock hitch hiked a ride in the back seat of Michael J Fox's time traveling Delorian on a mission to record their new album. Here is a transcript of the conversation that took place...

Michael J Fox - Hi TZU.
TZU - Hi Michael J Fox.
Michael J Fox - Where can I take you guys ?
TZU - Take us to the 80's Michael J Fox.
Michael J Fox - Why ?
TZU - Because the 80's was a space time continuum intersection and we need to travel back there to re shape the future. In our present day the fashionably hip illuminatti are obsessed with this particular decade and yet they focus on the wrong elements. We must go back there to set things right. The future is in our hands.
Michael J Fox - Okay TZU.
TZU - Hey Michael J Fox ?
Michael J Fox - Yes TZU.
TZU - Bummer about the Parkinson's man. We'll try and fix that too.

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