what do you do when you get a locked briefcase in the mail?
Posted by Steve Woolf

Today we received a box that contained a locked metal briefcase and a letter. Here's the text of the letter:

I saw a list with your names on it at Armacham & I need your help.

Armacham will be initiating a fear lab in New York City and they are going to try to contact you to take part in the test. Do not participate!

Post a video or image of this case on your website by December 3rd. After I verify you have done this I will release the combination to open the case on the forums at

I will log in under "Case Man" on December 5th.


After checking out the site I see that it's for a Microsoft game called F.E.A.R. 2, so this is a neat marketing effort that crosses the physical world and the online world. I'll post an update when we get the code to open the case. I'm guessing some copies of the game are in there. If so, we'll give them away to our viewers. :)

I quickly Googled up some of the stuff in the letter. Googling "Armacham" takes you to this site, which looks like a part of the game.

I looked up some other stuff about the game and it's supposed to be very violent. That's not everyone's thing, so keep that in mind if you click any of the links.

received a locked metal briefcase