what does it mean to go from street artist to gallery artist?
Posted by Steve Woolf

Artist Know Hope hails from Tel Aviv and is only in his early 20's, but he has gained notoriety around the world with his street artwork and group exhibitions. His debut solo show took place in San Jose, California in October and included a site-specific installation made specifically for the show.

Much of his work is created around the idea that everything is temporary. Indeed the title of his solo show was "Temporary Spaces." On the street, art is always temporary. Someone comes along and covers it, or nature takes ownership. But what about creating art for galleries? Does that mean the work is no longer temporary because it's created to exist and be a part of someone's collection, or their life?

I can't exactly say what kind of social conscience I have, but I do like to think that I react to my surroundings, from some point of observing and suggesting recollections and some sort of subtle commentary on what I pick up. — Know Hope

His recurring character now inhabits a gallery space, sheltered from the weather and the public. It doesn't feel as though it lessens the impact of the work, which is still very lonely and confused. I haven't seen the work in person, but I want to empathize with the character. But it seems to possess a kind of innocent hope, too.