hacker + mad scientist + macgyver = bre pettis
Posted by Steve Woolf

We've known Bre Pettis for years now, and I have to say that no one epitomizes the web DIY ethic more than him. In the course of his varied career, he has been a puppeteer, a teacher, a videoblogger, a web show producer, and a television host, not to mention a founder of NYC Resistor. Phil Torrone of Make Magazine said in The Wall Street Journal that Bre was like Mr. Rogers, Mr. Wizard and Bill Nye "The Science Guy" rolled into one. That's a cool description, but I think eventually Bre will be a brand all his own.

Unfortunately Bre posted news on his blog last night that his pilot for The History Channel, called History Hacker, (teaser embedded above) won't be picked up as a regular show. I saw the pilot when it was broadcast on tv and it was a great piece of television. Bre was his usual energized, inspiring self.

In the meantime, however, he has been making a series of videos called Things. Check out a couple of examples.

Bre spun the Things video series into a website called Thingiverse with Zach Smith. From his blog:

It's an awesome site that is a platform for sharing digital designs. It is changing the face of cottage industry prototyping and laying the foundation for a new way of manufacturing in our world that may provide an alternative to the corporate consumer experience.

Bre will be in Europe for December hanging out at Roboexotica and speaking at the CCC hacker conference while he figures out his next move. I can tell you one thing, I hope EPIC FU gets into a position where we can work with him one day!