ill bill is sick of the pain
Posted by Paul Dateh


As a current "La Coka Nostra" member and former member of "Non Phixion", Ill Bill is known for being intense. The recently released music video for "My Uncle" - from his current album entitled "The Hour of Reprise" - is no exception.

"My Uncle" speaks of Ill Bill's childhood in which he grew up in a family where drugs were seen as commonplace. His voice angrily cuts through the intensity of the track as he spits out the frustrations of watching his uncle deteriorate from being his childhood hero to a hopeless addict. But, even in all the anger and frustration, there is a hint of hope in Ill Bill's voice. Ill Bill even says it himself in regards to his uncle: "we got love for you."

See Ill Bill further break down the meaning behind "My Uncle" in the video below:

The incredible video animation is done by the team at MoreFrames.

[ Via: Adam Wallenta ]

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