jay smooth is what happens when hip-hop meets new media
Posted by Steve Woolf


Jay Smooth created and has been hosting The Underground Railroad on WBAI for a long time. In fact, it's New York's longest running hip-hop radio show. In addition to that, Jay launched Hip-Hop Music, one of the first hip-hop websites, in 1997 and started his videoblog, Ill Doctrine, in June 2007 (one of my favorite entries is embedded above). And, he's the owner of one of my all-time favorite quotes about the new media revolution: "At the end of the day, a medium is only as valuable as the ideas you're transmitting through it."

It didn't take people long to realize that Jay's videoblog added an important voice to the world of new media. Zadi and I constantly lament the echo chamber we often find ourselves in (and which, by default, we are a part of), so when a fresh perspective comes along with insights, humor, and a personal approach, that person stands out from the pack.

We're certainly not the only people to think so. Recently Jay signed for representation with ICM, one of the biggest tatent agencies in Hollywood. And he was selected as one of NewTeeVee's breakout stars of 2008.

Lately I've been urging Jay to post more of the treasure trove of hip-hop memories he's accumulated over the years. As a start, you can read through some gems like this in the archives at hiphopmusic, and you can see some classic photos there, too.