meet the wizard: steve woolf + extended cut!
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Hard core EPIC FU fans know who Steve Woolf is, but for those who casually wander in and watch an episode or two, the machinations of our web series may not be as apparent.

As our last episode of 2008 wraps up, we thought we'd give a little love to the person we refer to as "The Wizard" here in the land of EPIC FU. He's the guy who makes sure all the gears keep turning and wheels keep burning.

Most of us come to the world of new media with pretty interesting backgrounds, and Steve is no exception. With a Fine Arts degree from Pratt University and several gallery showings in NYC and throughout the US, Steve was set up to take the path of a pretty successful painter. Then a fortuitous comic book project with a close friend had him on a plane to Los Angeles pitching projects to entertainment executives, and the rest is history... well, not quite.

Steve had a secret card in his back pocket -- the geek card. It would be that geek card that he would lay on the table when he realized there was a better way to approach the Hollywood system -- the nerd way. Yes, Steve was a programmer by night, a skill he picked up to pay the bills as well as his incessant addiction to video games, computers and gadgetry. And so, with his technical and artistic skills at hand, he set off on a magical balloon ride into the wild west of online entertainment.

Since the start of EPIC FU in 2006 (when it was first known as JETSET), Steve has been key in the development of the show. From the creation of the web site, to creative development and writing, to directing and even appearing in show segments, Steve has brought a collection of skills to the table that has allowed us to have full control of our product and produce everything in-house. And so it's only fitting that the final FU of 2008 goes to Steve, a one-man army of FUness. :)

To keep up with Steve's antics, follow him on Twitter or his blog.