no tricks behind artist kevin morgan's rock balanced sculptures
Posted by Steve Woolf


Zadi writes in the Vimeo entry for this video:

I met artist Kevin Morgan in Venice Beach while on a photo shoot with the Bui Brothers. We gravitated toward his freestanding rock sculptures from far away wondering if they were people. Once in close range, we realized what they were and Kevin was kind enough to share the backstory.

PS: Sorry about the wind. I only had my little Canon Powershot on me.

Unfortunately Kevin doesn't have a website and there isn't much other information about him online that we can reference. But Zadi definitely captured a great interview with him, and if you look at the way he has these rocks set up, it's a really amazing thing that they withstand the wind so well! Remember, they are completely balanced -- he isn't using wire or any kind of connective material to hold everything together.