take a breather with the grouch
Posted by Paul Dateh


We've featured The Grouch here on EPIC FU before, so I thought it might be a good idea to post an update on what he's been up to lately.

You may remember when Annie highlighted Grouch's "Artsy" video here on the EPIC FU blog (if you haven't seen it, I've embedded that video at the end of this entry). Now, Grouch has released "Breath," the next single from his album "Show You the World".

Directed by Matt Hobbs, "Breath" features Grouch on the snowy streets of Boulder, Colorado, speaking about the changes he's seen throughout his career: "it used to be stress; now it is breath / it used be broke; now it's invest / it used be faded and now it's controlled / it used to be underground and now it's known."

It's been over ten years since Grouch got his start in the Bay Area hip hop scene, and even amidst all of the changes he's encountered, he's made it clear that he has no intention of slowing down (upcoming plans include a collaborative album with Living Legends colleague Eligh). And if you live on the US west coast, you can currently catch him on tour throughout the end of the month.

[Full disclosure: As a working musician, I am currently booked as the opening act on the "How The Grouch Stole Christmas" tour. I am not employed by The Grouch, and I have not received compensation of any form for this entry.]

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