tim gibbons doesn't curb his enthusiasm
Posted by Zadi Diaz

... for social media, that is.

I met Tim Gibbons, executive producer of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, during a conference at the Producers Guild here in Los Angeles, California. It was just before the writer's strike happened and all of Hollywood was setting their sights on the newly chartered land of the web. With good reason too. Since most productions were about to go on hiatus, it gave everyone the opportunity to explore the creative possibilities and freedom that the internet allowed.

Without missing a beat, Tim quickly jumped on Twitter and started interacting.

What's so cool is how Tim has been using social media to give fans and followers alike a behind-the-scenes look at not only his work, but his life. He's tearing down the curtain (even if just a little bit) and allowing people to engage with him. In turn, not only are new fans made, but also new connections. Those connections can pay out a tremendous amount in the future... because as we all know, it's all about relationships.

Currently, in addition to working on Curb, Tim is also producing a new web series called Cardiac Kids -- boy band by night, secret agents by day -- which will begin shooting after the first of 2009. Two of the members from OK GO are set to be involved, which is just all sorts of awesome. We'll get more information on that as soon as we hear.

When asked if we'll see more social media involvement within Curb Your Enthusiasm, Tim quickly says it's all up to in Larry David. We're personally hoping that Tim's influence on the Curb set rubs off in a big way... I mean who wouldn't want to see the whole cast on Twitter? I definitely would. :)

You can follow Tim's tweets here: Tim_Gibbons