tv writer dan martin is too much fun + extended cut
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Dan Martin is a funny dude, and it's the good kind of funny which effortlessly weaves itself into whatever the topic of conversation may be. When we visited him for an interview, he made us feel right at home in what he called his dollhouse - a very pretty house styled by his wife, actress Arden Myrin. As we sat and talked, he led us through the beginning of his career as a writer to the current projects he's working on for the web.

As a writer for Code Monkeys on G4TV, Dan is able to work with a team of other like-minded writers. He talked to us about his process and the difference between creating something for TV as opposed to the web - and where he ultimately thinks it's all headed.

For regular doses of Dan, make sure to follow his live updates on Twitter at Also, make sure to check out our interview with Dan in the show. A rumor we've heard is that Dan is setting up a blog, so we'll update this post with a link when it launches. :)