it's pure obamamania
Posted by Zadi Diaz

This week most of the country is in the midst of Obamamania. Whether they're braving the cold in Washington, DC, or watching the festivities from the comfort of their home, people all over the world are looking at this presidency as a monumental event in their personal, national, and global history.

From the beginning, Obama's campaign has been marked with a web 2.0 aesthetic. Wired recently published an article asking whether on not it will really be possible for Obama to reboot the White House. It outlines the obstacles of making changes within a world wrought with bureaucratic procedure. How will transparency work now that the presidential cabinet is in place?

If you've followed the campaign from the beginning, you're already aware of all of the social networks where you can participate and find out more information on our 44th president., Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, and a host of other sites let you plug in to all the media, news, and conversations that are happening.

The Obama Inaugural Celebration - We Are One

This presidency is also marked with an involvement in the arts. Whether it's making music playlists or Shepard Fairy-like Obamicons, people are getting involved and are being introduced to politics on many different levels - which ultimately does mark a change.

It just goes to show that there are many ways to participate and to raise awareness of issues that concern us - big or small. Whether it's connecting with others in your neighborhood, getting involved in the arts, donating to charities, lending your time at a local shelter, or having a in-depth conversation with friends about sensitive topics, the way we will all get involved will depend on what we're most passionate about - and finding a way in which that passion can bring about positive change.