tebe interesno's otherworldly art
Posted by Steve Woolf

Russian artist Tebe Interesno is a bit of a mystery to me. Mostly that's because his site is in Russian and there's not a lot of text that becomes clear using a tool like Google Translate. Even his name is not clear. Tebe Interesno actually means "you are interested" in Russian. One thing is obvious -- he has a fascinating imagination and is amazingly prolific.

He uses a wide variety of approaches, but one thing seems consistent -- they all alter a seemingly regular world into something magical. Sometimes it's a bit scary, sometimes it's cute and endearing, and sometimes it's just weird. But they are all convincing enough to take you into his alternative world.

He also isn't afraid to think about modern commentary on classic imagery, like the Mona Lisa image below. There's something subversive about his work without being pretentious. I definitely recommend spending some time on his site and clicking back through page after page of his artwork. It's a great way to get lost for a while. :)