passion pit and "the reeling"
Posted by Zadi Diaz


We've highlighted Passion Pit previously on EPIC FU, and we're compelled to do so again, especially since their latest single has been circulating the interwebs at breakneck speed.

The Reeling is a bit more polished than their breakout song Sleepyhead, but it keeps the style and emotion that makes the band unique. The video is pretty amazing as well. The raw rip and tear effect definitely held my attention as it took me from scene to scene.

Photo by Elizabeth Weinberger

These East-coast guys got their start when lead singer Michael Angelakos, single-handedly put together The Chunk of Change EP, which was a belated Valentine's Day gift for his girlfriend. The album's breakout hit, Sleepyhead, garnered them much attention from the mainstream and led to them recently being signed in the UK by Columbia, though they've kept with their indie label, French Kiss Records, in the US.

Their new LP, Manners, which includes both The Reeling and Sleepyhead, is set to release on May 19th. You can already pre-order the album.