another awesome music video that legally isn't allowed to exist
Posted by Paul Dateh


YouTube user avoidantconsumer recently posted a mashup video that combines scenes from 80s brat pack movies with Phoenix's "Lisztomania". In the video's description section, she simply says, "this song just struck me as 80's movie-ish. so i made it happen."

The video quickly went viral and even got the attention of the people at Rolling Stone who then reported that Phoenix went on record to state that the unofficial mashup was "our best video". The video proved to be so popular that a "tribute to the tribute" quickly surfaced YouTube by way of user thepinkbismuth that plainly stated, "AvoidantConsumer made me want to make my own version of this."

To me, this is the beauty of the internet, epitomized. People everywhere are creating awesome things all the time, and the internet makes it possible for these amazing things to be shared, inspiring and encouraging others to create new incredible things of their own. However, traditional copyright law technically doesn't allow for fun videos like this to exist. It really is time for our intellectual property laws to be updated, don't you think?

[ Via: boingboing ]

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