Epic Fu Blog Network: Audioesque
Posted by Steve Woolf

As work continues behind the scenes on the new Epic Fu blog network, I wanted to show you a blog that will be part of the network: Audioesque.

Created by Michael (Giannii) Calvert, Audioesque reviews an album each day of the week, uncovering the artistry of musicians and their creative process for each digital wax masterpiece they produce. With each review they reward one viewer for "filling in the blank" on one unanswered question within the show.

Here's a draft of the intro for the videos that Giannii's been putting together -- he's got a lot more up his sleeve.

We're still a few weeks away from launching the network, but we'll keep dropping tidbits to preview things as they become available.

Here's a funny bonus outtake video with Aston! Audioesque is going to be a lot of fun!