Intro to the Social Web: 101
Posted by Zadi Diaz

The Social Network has made it clear that we are now living our lives online. If you're new to exploring the social spaces of the Internet, we've provided you with a three part series that will give you quick and easy lessons (or reminders) on how to navigate through the web of social etiquette.

7 Steps to Building Your Online Identity
From the planning stages to your public internet presence, we show you how to construct an ID that will last in the constantly changing social web and examples of who's doing it right!

5 Ways to Make an Awesome Community
We give you five simple steps to finding and building your own online community. From finding your passion to engaging with an audience, we give you a 101 primer on how its done and point you to the web communities that can get you started.

Is Your Private Info Way Too Public?
In this episode we show you five simple steps to keeping your online privacy in check. From passwords to location tracking to cookies, we'll give you the skinny on the simple things you may be overlooking in order to keep your privacy on the web.