Fave Five! 9/10
Posted by Zadi Diaz

It's time for our favorite five things this week! Mostly these just made us smile. :)

1. Video: Willhundredpercent's Object Part One

2. Website: Dailybooth. Have you been dailyboothing? I'm just starting myself. Here's fun video featuring Mrs. Kutcher and her husband throwing an epicly funny tantrum on the bed.

3. Album/Song/Band: Being a Dickhead's Cool by The Grand Spectacular

4. Read: A Tie

The Queen's English 50 Cent:

Sad Keanu Reeves Quotes.

5. App/Gadget/Game: Zombie Flick! Be quick or be dead. A fun zombie game that's free only for a limited time.

BONUS: Random: This little girl's dancing skills will make you smile all day long. It's an ad for Samsung. Great creative execution. :)

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