Fave Five Friday! 9/3
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Congratulations, we made it to Friday! Now time for the reward. The very first installation of our favorite five things this week! This is what the week of September 3rd looked like:

1. Video: The Wilderness Downtown.
Arcade Fire teams up with Google to make a nostalgic HTML5 Music Video.

2. Website: Roc
Aviary's new online music creator.

3. Album/Song/Band: CeeLo's FU.
The first video had us signing along, the second had us laughing.

4. Read: Stephen Hawking says God isn't necessary for the universe to exist.
Of course, that set Twitter on fire.

5. App/Gadget: Qrank.
A live, location-based multiplayer trivia game/contest. The questions are pulled right from the day's news. They only let you play once a day. It's seriously addicting.

BONUS Random: Dancing Merengue Dog
Who can pass up a dancing dog?

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