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06/12/2008 • comments ()
geek kama sutra: love your OS longtime
Posted by Zadi Diaz

It is often said that if you love your machine, your machine will love you back. Not quite sure who said that, or if it was actually ever said - but it sounds like something that should be written in stone. I mean, how many times has your OS just decided to crash as that deadline inches its way to your neck? It's almost as if it knows.

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04/06/2008 • comments ()
marriage proposal rejected!
Posted by Steve Woolf


04/02/2008 • comments ()
is twitter your social lubricant?
Posted by Zadi Diaz

A lot of us are on Twitter these days -- making new online friends and connections, but what exactly is the distraction/production ratio? How much time do you spend on Twitter each day? Does Twitter keep you from doing other things, or does it help? How many Twitter friends have translated to other areas of your life/work? How many people do you follow and how do you personally choose who to follow? How do you use Twitter?

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02/13/2008 • comments ()
top ten psycho love songs
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Sometimes not having a loved-one on Valentine's day isn't the worst thing in the world, especially if the person you're dating hails from Psychoville. So for your listening (and viewing) pleasure, here are our top 10 songs to remind you that sometimes being alone and a little sad is far better than being together and totally creeped out... or dead.

I mean, what would you think if someone dedicated one of these songs to you after a few first dates?

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