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01/29/2009 • comments ()
teen wolf and coraline inspired nikes
Posted by Angela Sauceda

Ever wanted to dunk like Teen Wolf or have furry feet? Well, now you can with Nike's Limited Edition Dunk Low Premium Teen Wolf shoes. With equal parts badass and awesomeness, these sneakers would be perfect for any collector. Nike only made 75 pairs so hurry up and get your Michael J. Fox 80's memorabilia before some other geek does.

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[ Via: Sara Zucker ]

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01/28/2009 • comments ()
in defense of popping your collar
Posted by Angela Sauceda

Popping up any sort of collar can be a dangerous venture for anyone wanting to appear awesome or even remotely cool. You could end up looking like a total douche bag with a faux hawk or John Mayer (please observe Exhibit A above). But Wall Street Journal reporter, Teri Agins, gives the best advice in any collar related subject matter:

Most guys are comfortable turning up the collars of their top coats only in the winter, when they want to ward off gusty winds. But don't forget that some of the most macho role models in history wore upturned collars with panache: James Dean and Marlon Brando in their tough-guy leather jackets, as well as Humphrey Bogart in his trench coats.

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12/19/2008 • comments ()
get flossy with your vintage self
Posted by Angela Sauceda

Looking for some awesome designer vintage clothing at affordable prices and isn't crappy? Then please venture off to Brooklyn and check out "About Glamour", it offers unique finds and has a hidden art gallery in the back with affordable original art.

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12/12/2008 • comments ()
holiday gift guide: the "mirdle"?
Posted by Angela Sauceda

So you're having a hard time finding that perfect holiday gift for your man friend? May I suggest the the "Mirdle"?

Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

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12/04/2008 • comments ()
would you rock a dress made out of ceramics?
Posted by Angela Sauceda

I know I would.

Chinese artist, Li Xiaofeng, creates these AMAZING dresses and jackets made from traditional Chinese ceramics from the Song, Ming, Yuan and Qing dynasties, which are then sewn onto leather undergarments so that they remain stable and wearable.

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[ Via: Virginia Miller Galleries ]

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12/03/2008 • comments ()
puma turns 60 (whoa)
Posted by Angela Sauceda

This year Puma is turning 60! They're offering 20% off entire purchases at select stores and they are holding FREE concerts around the United States. But you must RSVP in order to attend.

Check out whose performing in your area:

West Hollywood, CA, December 8, 9:00pm
Plain White T's w/ DJ Adam 12

San Francisco, December 9, 9:00pm
Steve Aoki w/ Lady Gaga

Chicago, December 10, 9:00pm
The Bravery

Also check out their new collection, I Am 60, which coincides with the celebration.

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11/26/2008 • comments ()
hermes smart car
Posted by Angela Sauceda

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Smart Car, Paris design house Hermes created 10 stylish models. Each running about $48,560, the interior offers unique shades of pinks, oranges, and blues.

It's kinda snazzy if you're into the whole 'saving the environment' thing, but gotta do it in serious style.

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11/21/2008 • comments ()
top 3 iphone style apps
Posted by Angela Sauceda

Here are a few style apps for your snazzy iPhone (All free of course. Hey, these are hard economic times):

Hairstyle Lite lets you snap a photo of yourself with your iPhone and has six hairstyles for you to try on. It's a good idea even though some of the styles are a bit hideous. At least you'll get a good laugh.

Sex and the City: Carrie's Closet is overwhelmingly cheesy but so useful! It lets you snap photos of pieces that you already have in your closet and create "outfits", then send them to a friend for a second opinion. It's good for someone like me that has so much crap that I need to take inventory.

The app is by far the best. It's great for up to the minute industry news, style blogs, and videos. Plus, you can view complete collections from Fashion Weeks around the world.

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11/19/2008 • comments ()
han cholo
Posted by Angela Sauceda

Han Cholo is one of my favorite L.A. born jewelry designers. It's creator Brandon Schoolhouse, a former DJ for the Beastie Boys, designs high-end jewelry inspired by East L.A. culture, Star Wars, and all things geek. An interesting combination with a surprisingly bad-ass result.

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09/15/2008 • comments ()
cookie monster slayer!
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Poor Cookie Monster -- but this is a pretty bad-ass costume. Wondering now whose head I can put on a stake for Halloween.

The photo was taken by Dot D at DragonCon 08. Check out her website Dabbled, she creates the cutest things!

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