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04/06/2009 • comments ()
hybrid cars are "to die for"
Posted by Paul Dateh


If you've been itching to watch a terribly awful movie this year, Voltage Pictures may have what you're looking for. In what Gizmodo calls "possibly the best worst movie of 2009", "Hybrid" features an evil car that goes around killing people. Seriously.

"Hybrid" is still in post-production, so you'll just have to wait to see the awesome horror the flick has in store. Or, if you simply can't wait, you could always ask a friend to run you over with a Prius.

[ Via: Philip of Wong Fu Productions ]

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12/12/2008 • comments ()
holiday gift guide: the "mirdle"?
Posted by Angela Sauceda

So you're having a hard time finding that perfect holiday gift for your man friend? May I suggest the the "Mirdle"?

Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

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[ Via: huffington post ]

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12/09/2008 • comments ()
the web is rife with delicious conspiracies: the stealth blimp!
Posted by Steve Woolf

On this week's EPIC FU, Rick Rey put together a great ride through some of the top conspiracies on the web, including the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, Project Bluebeam, HAARP, and Reptilian Humanoids. Check out the show page for all the links and watch Zadi run it down.

But we also had to leave out some of the stuff Rick researched due to time constraints. So what better place to pick up where we left off than with UFO's!

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[ Via: Rick Rey, conspiracy maestro ]

12/09/2008 • comments ()
wreck and salvage represent a new branch of web video producers
Posted by Steve Woolf

On this week's show the FU of the Week is served by Wreck and Salvage, three guys working across the web to remix videos. If only it was that simple. The results of their collaboration run the gamut from hilarious to profound, and sometimes both. W&S is Erik Nelson, Adam Quirk, and Aaron Valdez, who have all been around web video for years already.

In my view they represent a part of web video production that, in these early days of online video, reminds me of hip-hop in the early 80's when music producers were creating a new genre by repurposing the work of others. The undercurrent of that movement was about giving a voice to a part of our society that was ignored, and I think what is happening with creators like Wreck and Salvage is very similar, except this time they are giving a voice to the utter absurdity of popular culture in the Western world.

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11/19/2008 • comments ()
minilogue... vomiting rainbows of creativity
Posted by Steve Woolf


A rather charmingly bizarre adventure that makes me simultaneously, a) wish that the world was like this, and, b) wonder why they are vomiting rainbows into each others mouths. You'll see what I mean.

Video credits:
Director/Animator/Characterdesign: Kristofer Strom
AE/Filmmaestro/Cutting: Erik Buchholtz
Producers: Bart Yates, Nicholas Wakeham
Studio: /
Track: Animals

[ Via: via: Bre Pettis on Twitter ]

11/18/2008 • comments ()
the new rick roll?
Posted by Zadi Diaz


Barry Manilow does Never Gonna Give You Up.

FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. Wait... It's Barry. The Manilow. He's ironic. WIN!


I'm confused.

[ Via: via: Wardere ]

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09/17/2008 • comments ()
on banana masks, explosions, and frustration
Posted by Rick Rey
photo by mands

Following up on yesterday's post about artist William Lamson, who we featured on this week's episode, I got the inside scoop on the inspiration for the banana mask from William himself:

how did I come up with banana mask... well, the piece is about frustration. Like the desire to hit yourself in face if you are frustrated with yourself, but you dont actually do it, because you like your face, so instead, you blow up bananas on your surrogate face.

Sounds like we could all use a banana mask once and awhile. Thanks William.

08/28/2008 • comments ()
dance carlie dance
Posted by Zadi Diaz

I can't stop watching this -- so much fun it makes me want to dance! Brought to you by the Bui Brothers.

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08/22/2008 • comments ()
rambo 3 live! your worst nightmare on twitter
Posted by Rick Rey
Rambo 3 Live! on Twitter
What happens when you cross the absurdity and pure awesomeness of an 80's action movie with the instantaneous, info-overloaded, gimme-more culture of the social web?

It's Rambo 3 Live! A no-holds barred public live commentary of my experience watching Rambo 3 in bite-sized Twitter nuggets. Attending is easy, just watch my Twitter stream during the event. Participation is optional.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 26th @ 9PM PST

From my Facebook Event page:

While watching Rambo 2 (First Blood: Part II) the other night I thought to myself - wow, there is so much great Twitter material here. Unfortunately I was too involved with the gripping plot to turn away and grab my laptop.

So on Tuesday night, August 26th I'm going to live Twitter my experience watching Rambo 3 for what I believe is the first time. This is a landmark Twitter experiment and I may lose many followers - a risk I'm willing to take.

If following the action isn't enough, you can simultaneously Twitter your own Rambo 3 experience at exactly 9:00PM PST. I'm pretty sure it's in stock at every Blockbuster worldwide.

Sign up to "attend" this live Twittervent on Facebook or If you want to participate, give me a heads up.

08/06/2008 • comments ()
fembot actress
Posted by Sarah Atwood
hello kitty android

Actroid DER-2 is a humanoid robot manufactured by Kokoro, the animatronics division of Sanrio. Which I guess explains her love for Hello Kitty.

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07/25/2008 • comments ()
walled gardens suck major a$$
Posted by Zadi Diaz

So, if you watch EPIC FU, you know that we regularly feature music artists in the "Sh!t We Like" portion of the show. We love highlighting indie and up and coming musicians and exposing them to a wider audience.

Recently, we featured Peter Fox, who is a kick-ass German musician. He has his own web site and a MySpace page from which he streams some of his songs. Now, we reaaally love his most recent single Alles Neu, but the problem is that YOU CAN'T BUY IT ANYWHERE ONLINE. His record label Downbeat/Warner doesn't get it. What is the point of releasing a new music video on the web if you don't make the song readily available for everyone to buy?!?

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07/16/2008 • comments ()
the mind of danny tanner
Posted by Rick Rey

Why am I so fascinated by Full House mashup videos? For some reason the ridiculousness of the show's content itself lends itself to poignant and hilarious remixes. This one by YouTube user bents75 attempts to "tap into the most primal thoughts of father extraordinaire, Danny Tanner."

You may also get a kick out of the last Full House mashup I posted a few months ago.

(via Spout Blog)

07/06/2008 • comments ()
hundreds and hundreds of gif animations!
Posted by Steve Woolf

Looking for craploads of cute little GIF animations? Well, look no further than the hugely popular Nico video site from Japan. I can't read the site, but it doesn't matter, the animations don't require anything other than patience to scroll through 700, count 'em 700 of them. All on one page. All going at once. Madness, I tell you.

I haven't embedded any on the page because a web coder over there used javascript to make it too big a pain in the ass to view source and copy and paste. Boo!

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06/27/2008 • comments ()
reprogramming the rock-afire explosion
Posted by Rick Rey

I don't know about you guys, but I attended many-a-birthday party at Showbiz Pizza Place in my pre-teen years. Remember the animatronic robot band The Rock-afire Explosion that used to rock the house with somewhat dated pop songs and revivals of the Happy Birthday song every few minutes?

Apparently there's a small community of people who are buying up the old machines on eBay and reprogramming the band with new songs. Aaron Fechter and his partner Chris have a YouTube channel with a bunch of examples. They also take requests via bids. The whole thing is mildly unsettling, strangely hypnotic, and somewhat creepy in an after-school special kinda way.

(via Kent Nichols)

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06/24/2008 • comments ()
spore + porn = sporn (somewhat NSFW)
Posted by Rick Rey

It only took a few hours for Spore fans to realize its Creature Creator was so customizable they could design creatures that resembled human genitalia, or two-headed creatures that could have sex with itself. This is how the Sporn industry was born.

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[ Via: [Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun] ]

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06/24/2008 • comments ()
france threatens to take away the internets
Posted by Annie Tsai

In an attempt to protect artist rights, France introduced a new law to take away internet access from people who download copyrighted material. According to the law, an ISP would be required to ban a user's bandwidth for up to one year on the third offense of illegal downloading.

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[ Via: [Via Times Online] ]

06/12/2008 • comments ()
geek kama sutra: love your OS longtime
Posted by Zadi Diaz

It is often said that if you love your machine, your machine will love you back. Not quite sure who said that, or if it was actually ever said - but it sounds like something that should be written in stone. I mean, how many times has your OS just decided to crash as that deadline inches its way to your neck? It's almost as if it knows.

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[ Via: Digg ]

06/11/2008 • comments ()
ceiling cat iz papercrft now
Posted by Annie Tsai

Papercraft DIY time! Tubbypaws, a blog of happy art, created a template to build your own paper ceiling cat. Print, cut, fold, glue, and tape it to your ceiling- presto, an instant feeling of eerieness. There's even a Lucifer Cat edition. If you make one, be sure to post a picture with your new friend on MIX. (sent in by Justine, thanks!)

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06/07/2008 • comments ()
weekend cinema: pencil face
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Pencil Face was written and directed by Christian Simmons for the Dandy Dwarves and Savannah College of Art and Design's Scad Shorts.

It's a short, cryptic story about a girl and her pencil. It's also the kind of film that evokes emotion and questions rather than lay out an entire story arc. And as far as emotions go -- this one really creeped me out.

There's also a really well made behind-the-scenes video.

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05/21/2008 • comments ()
facebook gangsta
Posted by Rick Rey

I'm equally amused and repelled by this Facebook parody, which demonstrates why all social networks need to develop new and innovative ways to keep out the creepy old guys. The backup vocals guy reminds me of a douchebag version of Michael McDonald.

05/15/2008 • comments ()
bill o'reilly flips out: dance party megamix
Posted by Zadi Diaz

If nothing else, we will always know that Bill O'Reilly knows how to get a party started. I can see the hands flying up in the nightclub air right now... And just in case you missed the original, here you go.

[ Via: Steve Garfield / Chuck Olsen ]

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04/02/2008 • comments ()
you can't tell me what to do, you're not my father!
Posted by Rick Rey

This is why I love internet video. Multimedia artist Paul Slocum accumulated footage for this Full House homage over a period of 3 years and found actors across the globe (via Craigslist) to depict the classic confrontation between Joey and DJ.

Aside from the obvious humor of a corny scene being depicted over and over again, it's really quite interesting to see just how many ways it can play out.

(via A.V. Club)

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04/01/2008 • comments ()
awesomely bizarre: usa for africa recreated by japanese impersonators
Posted by Steve Woolf

Very few words can adequately describe this video. Please watch.

[ Via: [Via Spytap on Twitter] ]

03/25/2008 • comments ()
dumb advice from zadi and steve
Posted by Steve Woolf

We bumped into CC Chapman on our last day at SXSW and he took a quick video of us giving our silliest advice to people attending SXSW for the first time. :)

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02/29/2008 • comments ()
kid runs iphone stopwatch for 1,000 hours
Posted by Rick Rey

What will happen? It's like Y2K all over again. The horror!!

02/22/2008 • comments ()
hillary is mom jeans
Posted by Rick Rey

Can't. Stop. Reloading. HALP!!

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02/11/2008 • comments ()
a continent of garbage
Posted by Steve Woolf

As if we needed further evidence that we are recklessly befouling our planet, The Independent has a disturbing article about an area of floating plastic waste twice the size of the United States in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The vast expanse of debris -- in effect the world's largest rubbish dump -- is held in place by swirling underwater currents. This drifting "soup" stretches from about 500 nautical miles off the Californian coast, across the northern Pacific, past Hawaii and almost as far as Japan.

Charles Moore discovered it by accident in 1997 taking a shortcut back across the Pacific after a yacht competition.

He was astonished to find himself surrounded by rubbish, day after day, thousands of miles from land. "Every time I came on deck, there was trash floating by," he said in an interview. "How could we have fouled such a huge area? How could this go on for a week?"

This stuff won't degrade for hundreds of years at the minimum. Ugh.

[ Via: Via Core77 ]

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02/11/2008 • comments ()
jedi ginsu knife
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Jedi Ginsu Knife Commercial

If you're not that handy in the kitchen, perhaps the Jedi Ginsu knife can help. Just keep in mind, the fact that you own a Jedi Ginsu knife, does not now, or will ever make you a Jedi.

Remember to watch your fingers.

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02/11/2008 • comments ()
dark knight trailer in legovision
Posted by Rick Rey

YouTube user Keshen8 recreated the official Dark Knight trailer (embedded after the jump) shot-for-shot using Legos. There's a higher quality version of the video on Stage 6.

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02/07/2008 • comments ()
the song of the count - censored version
Posted by Zadi Diaz

OMG. This is brilliant. How did we miss it!?! :)

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02/05/2008 • comments ()
ronald mcdonald will kill you in your sleep
Posted by Zadi Diaz

I went through a range of emotions watching this. From huh, to WTF, to wanting to dance along, to complete terror. It's strangely addicting and for some reason I couldn't turn it off.

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01/31/2008 • comments ()
can you live in a tiny house?
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Jay Shafer takes you inside his tiny 100 square foot home. Since 1997 he's been living in a house smaller than most people's closets. I don't think I'll ever complain about a small apartment again.

Jay talks about his reasons behind designing these tiny homes, which are mostly environmental... though he does mention that he doesn't like vacuuming. :)

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01/26/2008 • comments ()
wtf trailer of the week
Posted by Zadi Diaz

I can't explain what this is, or what it means, but it is awesomeness. Can someone please translate? :)

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01/23/2008 • comments ()
what's your most embarrasing moment? this might be prince's.
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Our friend Paul Dateh was just telling us a story told to him by Johnny Juice.

It goes something like this: James Brown invites Michael Jackson on stage, Michael performs for about 30 seconds then asks James to invite his friend Prince on stage (James has never heard of him). Prince finally emerges through the crowd on a large man's back. On stage, he plucks a few awkward strings on an electric guitar, strips down, rubs his body in a very "emotional" way and attempts to crawl up a fake lamp post... but falls off stage.

It's one of those things you just have to see.

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01/20/2008 • comments ()
turn a flashlight into a laser
Posted by Steve Woolf

In the "Items of Questionable Usefulness" category, I present a gentleman who pulled a laser out of his DVD burner, installed it in a mag-lite flashlight, and created a weapon that can set fire to things and destroy balloons. DIY at its finest! :)

[ Via: Via: Core77 ]

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01/18/2008 • comments ()
big muthaf*ckin' hole
Posted by Steve Woolf

Damn, just look at that freaking hole! About a year ago, our ever-changing planet swallowed a dozen homes and killed a few people when this sinkhole gave way in Guatemala. More pictures after the jump.

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[ Via: Via: Associated Press ]

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01/15/2008 • comments ()
party kid isn't THAT sorry, glasses famous
Posted by Rick Rey

A 16-year old Australian kid threw a huge party, got busted by the police and was interviewed on TV shortly after. The rest is history. Watch for the naked guy running out of the house.

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12/27/2007 • comments ()
sweet dreams...
Posted by Zadi Diaz
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12/26/2007 • comments ()
laser nail calendar
Posted by Zadi Diaz

photo by bre pettis

We have some amazingly interesting friends. Take our friend Bre Pettis for instance... who else of all the people we know would laser the 2008 calendar right onto their thumbnail? No one we can think of - except for his friend Martin apparently.

I could see this being useful for a personal countdown... difficult to forget something when it's etched on your fingernails... And if not that, well, it's definitely a conversation starter. :)

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12/12/2007 • comments ()
Posted by Steve Woolf

I think Rick found this a while back. It's completely bizarre. All I can say is, "poooooonnnnnnyyyyyyyy!"

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