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09/04/2010 • comments ()
The Geek Solar System
Posted by Zadi Diaz

Lately, Stephen Hawking has been on a roll with the doom and gloom - evil aliens, Earth's extinction, no God. Just know, we have options, people! :)

[ Via: Armored Heart ]

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12/16/2008 • comments ()
scott sigler's new novel contagious is made of mean!!!!
Posted by Steve Woolf

Scott Sigler, the horror science fiction writer who was a great FU of the Week interview back in July, has a new book, Contagious, coming out on December 30th (you can pre-order here) that he asked us to help promote by participating in this very cool poster campaign. Scott has been incredibly smart about using new media to build his audience and foster his career as a writer, and we're glad to be a part. Especially because that's my torso on the poster! Not.

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09/29/2008 • comments ()
bill murray on ghostbusters 3
Posted by Rick Rey


Wall Street is disintegrating before our very eyes, but at least Bil Murrary is in for Ghostbusters 3! Well not officially, but it looks promising. Apparently a few of the writers from The Office are doing the latest script re-write. If it's half as good as the original and only half as bad as the sequel, I think most fans will be satisfied.

On a related note, anyone else pumped about the new GB game supposedly coming out next month?

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07/22/2008 • comments ()
fu of the week: scott sigler
Posted by Zadi Diaz


Scott Sigler is the Future Dark Overlord™. That's what he says. We believe him. He has a pair of chicken scissors ready if we dare say otherwise. So that's what we'll all say "Oh, hail Future Dark Overlord!"

On a more serious note, there is a reason why we chose Scott to be our FU of the Week -- he epitomizes the FU. He's a science fiction horror novelist who took matters into his own hands after getting rejection letter after rejection letter. And they didn't involve sharp deadly weapons, though some may consider podcasting equipment just that.

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